New skills and personal wellbeing go hand in hand. Learning something new can give a huge boost to your moral, put a positive change in your routine, create a new hobby, and even turn into a business. All of this can help improve mental health, self confidence, personal satisfaction and much more.

Check out the calendar to see what’s on next or get in touch to plan something special together. Our team are ready and excited to be able to share the delights of discovering adventure right here in the UK or anywhere worldwide.

  • Perhaps you’d like to discover a new trail or climb a Monroe?
  • Refine your kit for a comfortable lightweight adventure?
  • Open your eyes to the flora and fauna around you to enrich your journeying?
  • Find the perfect hideaway campsite for a quiet retreat with your own instructor on hand to guide you through a new carving project?
  • We work with a variety of sites and happily chat to landowners to bring our courses and camps onsite to enhance their customers’ experiences. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.