Research and Exploration


Our Aim

Our aim is to support the positive progression of the Human family; through scientific discovery, environmental sustainability, anthropological research, personal development, continued mutual respect and human equality.

Uncovering whale bones in the desert on a scientific research expedition

What we have done

We work with educational institutions, museums, companies and NGO’s to complete specific research-based projects and survival training for specialists, corporations, adventurers and travellers; specialising in technically and often logistically difficult environments.

We have travelled to every corner of the globe, working in situations that include Humanitarian aid, adventurous expeditions and first ascents, to military service, and scientific research. Our leaders  have worked with the Natural History Museum, The Royal Geographic Society, National Geographic, Disney, the Royal family, Sir David Attenborough , Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Gordon Ramsey and many more.

What we can do for you

Want to go somewhere remote? We can plan it. Want to go on a super unique adventure with your company or team? We can make it happen; and if you want your students to become strong and independent world-ready young leaders we can make it happen.

Polaris Outdoor can teach you skills that less than 1% of people in the west possess. You will learn to thrive in tough places, learn skills that can enrich your life and increase your confidence. You will gain knowledge that will make you a powerful person inside and out.

You may have noticed that our staff team are not just excellent outdoor leaders, they are also teachers, mentors and humanitarians.

Exploration and research in the extremes of the dessert call for awesome vehicles!

What can we help you achieve?

Whether you are a museum, charity, NGO, Educational Institution, adventurer or treasure hunter…. we can help you find what you are looking for.

The areas of focus include:

1. Planning and running expeditions anywhere on earth

2. Facilitating scientific exploration and discovery

3. Remote operational skills and survival training

4. Building teams and connecting people

5. Development for senior management

6. Academic and career progression for students and young people

Our approach also ensures we dovetail with and promote your ethos in everything we do.

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