Travel Safety Training

Travel Safety Training

Duration: Various options: 1 day to a week long camp

Want to be better prepared, and feel more secure whilst on the move?
We have teamed up with Krav Maga UK for a brilliant education on how to stay safe whilst traveling the world.
This course will give you an in depth and detailed knowledge of how to be well prepared and confident as you travel. Whether you’re a student on a gap year, a working professional or on a personal adventure, this course will help you to optimise your enjoyment. You will come away better prepared to cope with the pressure when things go wrong, maximising your opportunities to get the most out of your holiday or trip.

Course Content

  • Prior preparation including research, paperwork, clothing and equipment
  • Map skills, route setting and local knowledge
  • Emergency escape routes and evasion
  • Martial arts and self defence training with nationally accredited certificates
  • Danger zone preparation, both human and natural
  • Camping techniques including camouflage and concealment
  • Wilderness and urban survival skills
  • Bushcraft and field techniques including knife use and fire lighting
  • Fauna and flora: key dangerous plants and animals, plus food sources
  • First aid in the field: what to take and how to use it
No matter where you chose to wander, from the Scottish Highlands to the Favelas of Brazil, this course has something for you.

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