School Expeditions

School Expeditions

Duration: 5-21 days

If you want your students to become strong and independent world-ready young leaders we can make it happen.

We don’t just guide you, we teach you what we know. The leaders of Polaris Outdoor will train and coach you to become powerful in the environments you go to. Whether it is a UK winter in Scotland, or the deepest jungles of Borneo, you will learn to become confident and operate with great success.

Polaris Outdoor can teach you skills that less than 1% of people in the west possess. You will learn to thrive in tough places, learn skills that can enrich your life and increase your confidence. You will gain knowledge that will make you a powerful person inside and out.


  • Arctic Gold
  • Arctic Winter
  • Jet Ski Survival - UK
  • Borneo Jungle and Humanitarian Aid Project
  • Sea Kayak - UK
  • Peru Jungle Expedition and Scientific Exploration in the Desert
  • Tanzania Kilimanjaro
Our expeditions are unique, providing the most inspirational and exceptional opportunities for personal development. Through the survival training programme prior to the expedition you will be able to thrive in these remote locations. You'll be able to focus on enjoying the experience and applying your skills while helping others. You will experience new landscapes and meet people from different cultures.  

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