2019 News Round Up

What a year the students have had! Many of our students have become exceptional outdoor practitioners due to their hard work and enthusiasm in the highly successful Survival Training. One student of note is Art O’Hara from Lewes who, whilst still in 6th form, has been asked to work for us in his spare time […]

Two uses for Pine Pitch

Birch Bark cup – sealing using pine pitch The cup is now finished and it has been sealed using Pine pitch. Pine pitch is the resinous substance that heals wounds and exposure from broken bark on a Pine tree. In these pictures you can see I had previously melted and moulded the pitch around a […]

Fun in Lockdown #3

Thanks for joining us on our social media this week. Here’s a sum up of all the things we have been discovering, making and chatting about…  Up Close with a Stag Beetle https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1095102497523091 A closer look at the features of a live female stag beetle. Find out about where they live, what they look like […]

What to do in troublesome times… Looking forward without regret.

Here is a short story to help you think about personal preparation and how to live life without always looking backwards with a twisted stomach of anxiety and regret.  A lot of people are saying that we will all look back at 2020 as one of the worst years ever. Worst year for our finances […]

There’s gold in them there hills!

I’ve always liked shiny things. A treasure hunter at heart. Treasure comes in many forms, but non so familiar as pure gold! Maybe that was a subconscious reason that I ended up becoming an exploration geologist: travelling the world looking for shiny things fulfilled two of my greatest passions, and our gold hunting trip to […]

Team building day inspires winning Poetry

Team building was a day to remember,Every minute was full of fun.Long-term friends were always being made,Until the day was completely done. The day involved different and unique tasks.From first aid to tent making,Spear throwing and fire burning.But best of all was marshmallow baking. The instructors were encouraging,Talkative, informative and keen.But best of all were […]

Christmas Bushcraft Bash at Reddam House School 2020

Nestled in an ancient woodland lies Reddam house school, a Hogwart-esque building with the grandeur of a sizeable stately home. The perfect location to host a bushcraft camp for the pupils leading up to Christmas. Typically, the build up to Christmas is quiet for Polaris Outdoor on the schools front as they are winding up […]

Post lockdown Bushcraft day in the woods

It was great to be out in the woods again! As a teacher I could feel the rustiness of my teaching practice grinding up to speed as it changed gears to become what it should be, thanks lockdown (sarcastic emphasis added). By the end of the day, I thought I was just about on point […]

Starting an outdoor program at my school 

It can be hard to know where to start when creating an outdoor programme at your school. Here are a few ideas and pointers to consider before you begin.  Funding Who’s going to pay for it? You could organise an activity, put a letter out to parents, and get it paid for. But if the […]

Teachers Resource – Nettle Nipping Maths Challenge

One of our favourite activities to do with young people is to show them the wonders of what is around them that they can eat, use or is a medicine/poison. It really opens their eyes to being able to spot useful things in nature – so that they can then apply this lesson to all […]