Survival Training Week – 5th-9th April 2021

Date: April 5, 2021

Time: 9am - 4pm

Duration: 1 week

Price: £65 a day or £300 for the week


From the guys who trained the Bear Grylls team! Come and enjoy a week of adventure in our woods!

Fun-filled Activities Days Monday 5th — 9th April 2021, 9am to 4pm
Come and learn how to survive outdoors no matter what the situation.

Some of the skills you can learn:

  • Fire lighting & outdoor cooking
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Teamwork & perseverance
  • Stalking and animal tracking
  • Knife and woodland tools classes
  • Foraging for foods & medicines
  • Shelter building
  • Remote first aid
  • Search & rescue
  • Navigation techniques
  • Tricks from our ancient ancestors
  • Finding fun things to do outside

Varied programme on different days

£65 pp per day or £300 full week

Age 12+

Survival Timetable - email for an accessible timetable

At Polaris Outdoor we are all about friends and family; getting out into the wild and closer to nature. We strive to bring families, colleagues, friends and loved ones together in the most awe inspiring settings, whether it’s seeing the beautiful Northern lights in the Finnish Arctic or spending a lovely weekend together camping.

Our instructors are some of the best qualified and experienced outdoor leaders in the world. Our senior staff team have climbed the highest peaks on 4 continents, walked across Antarctica with the worlds greatest explorers and trekked the deepest jungles. Wherever you are with them you will be kept safe and have a great time exploring the outdoors. There is so much to see and learn!

We can customise all of the experiences for your site and tailor them to fit your customers. Plus bespoke promotional materials and connections to our website and social media. You can be sure that each course will be a big hit that’s never to be forgotten. We love to see our customers coming back time and time again for more.

See what we can do for you today.
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