Survival Training

Survival Training

Duration: 2 Days - 1 Night

The Survival Training offers outdoor learning at its best. Participants learn the skills needed to survive outdoors in all seasons, with winter being our most popular season for learning. Develop your bushcraft and survival skills to an extremely high standard, and finish with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to thrive in even the most challenging of situations and environments. This applies equally to the outdoors as it does to other aspects of a persons’ life.

As you work through our 3 levels you will have the opportunity to demonstrate a progression of learning and personal development that is second to none. The courses are also a tremendous pre-expedition training programme for anyone travelling abroad and for team building and leadership activities. This foundation of exceptional learning is the backbone to what we do and will support any person into becoming a responsible and effective practitioner in whatever field they choose to enter.

Course Content

  • Survival priorities and attitude, expedition planning, preparation and safety
  • Fire craft - safety, ignition, fire lays
  • Knife craft, safety, the law, carving and the use of woodland tools
  • Stalking, tracking, primitive technologies and weapons
  • Search and rescue, first aid, managing emergencies
  • Foraging for wild foods & medicines, outdoor cooking, sourcing and purifying water
  • Camp craft - safety and organisation
  • Effective communication, leadership, teamwork and wellbeing
  • Wild navigation, compass and map use, Morse code and night navigation
  • Shelter - natural and man made, rope craft, knots and tarpology

Course Downloads

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