South Downs Adventure

South Downs Adventure

Duration: 4 days - 3 nights

Calling all adventurers, both new and seasoned! Prepare for a truly enchanting experience along the South Downs Way, a walk that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and outdoor exploration. This trip is designed to ignite your spirit of adventure and equip you with valuable skills for independent travel and teamwork.

Discover the delights of the stunning South Downs as you take a journey through the rolling countryside to the high chalk hills at the eastern end of the South Downs National Park. Every step offers opportunities for learning, growth, and personal transformation.

Set off from the Historic Firle Beacon, between the Neolithic and Bronze age barrows, with stunning long views from the top of this Marilyn (271m). You might even spot some dare devil flyers taking to the sky to glide up over you! Look closely for signs of the almost lost ancient hill figure, an ear of corn, representing the giant Gill who was an adversary of the well known Long Man of Wilmington chalk figure. Who won that battle we cannot say but maybe it’ll be a story for the campfire?

With map and compass in hand, navigate your team through the stunning landscapes, unlocking the secrets hidden in the landscape, and finding your way from one campsite to another. Can you find the beautiful village of Alfriston? Keep your eyes peeled because, rumour has it, there’s treasure to be found along the way!

One of the highlights of the journey is a night spent at Cuckmere Haven. Commonly used by smugglers this area has a rich history as well as also being a rich ecosystem for a variety of wildlife. Picture yourself beside a crackling campfire, surrounded by friends, sharing stories and laughter under a sky filled with stars.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Brace yourself for the exhilarating challenge of conquering the iconic Seven Sisters, a series of majestic chalk cliffs. Delve into the magical world as you follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps – he walked up this very hill to find boots that transport him to the Quidditch World Cup! Feel the rush of accomplishment as you navigate the undulating landscape and take in the breath-taking coastal views.

Finally, your journey concludes at Birling Gap, where you’ll bask in the pride of your achievements. Reflect on the personal growth you’ve experienced throughout the trip, from mastering navigation skills to managing yourself, cooking your own meals and adventuring with your friends.

This expedition is not just about the physical journey; it’s about developing independence, resilience, and a love for the great outdoors. Create lifelong memories and instil a sense of wonder that will guide you far beyond the South Downs Way.

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Course Content

  • Navigation training with compass work - practical skills and support to read the map and the landscape
  • Creating camps - safety consideration, top tips for comfort, and being efficient at set up and pack down.
  • Fire-starting lessons - including safety and how to leave no trace
  • Knife classes - enjoy sitting down and crafting after a day on the trail
  • Cooking on Trangia's and open fires
  • Bannock bread - baking from scratch outdoors
  • First aid and the importance of taking care of your feet
  • Games, competitions and treasure hunts, night games
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