School Staff and leadership training

School Staff and leadership training

Duration: 1 Day

Helping your team perform to the very best of their ability is extremely important to us. We have handled teams in some quite stressful and demanding environments. Often the work environment can be as tough as the Arctic cold or the desert heat; this is where we can help.

We have worked with management teams at schools, universities and companies, from small to large. Our advisory team is made up of experienced teachers, respected management consultants, trainers coaches and mentors, and world class explorers and expedition leaders with some amazing and inspiring stories to share!. You can’t help but be inspired with some of the people on the Polaris team, they have set foot where a handful of humans have ventured and done things that few would dare.

Whether you want to work with us in the office or outdoors we can help. Give us a call for more information on our team days and management training.

We can assist you to...

  • Improve Wellbeing
  • Excel as a coherent staff team and develop personal resilience
  • Inspire and coach others
  • Lead, serve and manage effectively in times of change
  • Use the outdoors to teach and bring alive multiple aspects of your life and work
  • Improve mental and emotional tenacity through connections to nature
  • Develop a learning and performance based culture
Contact us for an exploratory conversation to find out more about our approach and how best we can help you.

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