Jet Ski Survival Expedition

Jet Ski Survival Expedition

Duration: 5 days

Have you ever wanted to do something so unique and a little bonkers that everyone’s ears perk up when you mention it? Well, if you do, keep reading…

It’s not all about where you are that makes something incredible, it’s what you can do when you are there. The jet ski survival is exactly what it sounds like. Here you will pick up some brilliant jet ski skills, wild camp in amazing places, fish, collect and gather from the wild, build shelters and even have 5 star BBQ’s on the beach if you want.

You can make this as high class or as hard core as you like.

At any time of year you can get out on the sea and have a go, and to be honest, the tough weather does make for the best stories!

Give us a call and book an event where you can learn to become a super confident survivalist and have a great time with your friends or team.


Course Content

  • Learn to be confident to ride a jet ski with your friends and colleagues
  • Take the jet ski’s out to tiny islands and camp out in the wild. Get refuelled on the move and just keep going!
  • Anchor the boats at night, swim to shore and make camp with your gear
  • Cover long distances around the coast, taking in the beautiful vistas
  • Fish and forage for food along the coast and cook on an open fire
  • Build shelters from beach debris or go for 5* accommodation
  • Explore the coastline, find fossils on the stunning Jurassic Coast
  • Learn how to light fire, use a knife and become a real survivalist!

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