Arctic Gold Expedition

Arctic Gold Expedition

Duration: 1 Week

This trip offers a truly unique opportunity for a epic adventure that will fuel awesome campfire stories! Join us in Northern Lapland during the few snow and ice free months of the year, uncovering a beautiful landscape.

Immerse yourself in the history and culture surrounding the gold and World War II sites in this part of the world. Have a true bushcraft and survival experience, all with a valuable twist. On this adventure, you will get to canoe down one of the most beautiful, meandering rivers you have ever seen. You will learn the survival skills needed to stay alive in this stunning place and maybe you will find GOLD! Spoon and bowl carving classes, treks into the beautiful open wilderness and amazing food are all a part of this very unique adventure.

The next Scheduled Gold Expedition is on the 6th-12th September 2024…
Will you be joining us?

Want to go with a group? We can arrange dates to suit you. Get in touch to chat about it or ask Mat to come and do a presentation at your school to find out more.

Course Content

  • The origins of gold in Finland with a guided museum tour
  • Bushcraft & survival training, Finnish style
  • Develop knife-craft skills and take your creations home
  • Canoe on the beautiful meandering rivers. Fish from your boat and cook what you catch.
  • Wild camping learning traditional camp craft skills
  • Forage for food and cook hearty local recipes over a campfire
  • Learn the signs to track wildlife
  • Hiking with a local guide whilst learning key indicators for gold
  • Discovering WW2 bunkers & German occupation heritage sites
  • Gold panning techniques and lessons followed by panning for gold in the rivers and streams
  • Working a sluice on a real gold claim.
  • Smelting lessons with gold & jewellery making
Keep the gold and precious stones you find!

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