Extreme Survival Training

Extreme Survival Training

Duration: 5-10 days

Once you are well trained and have a number of Polaris Outdoor experiences under your belt, it is time to take things to the next level.

The extreme winter survival trip is a 5-10 day excursion where your survival skills will be built up and tested to make you a truly ‘world ready’ traveller. Using minimal tools and equipment you will travel from place to place in the wilderness searching for food and resources. With your map skills resource caches can be found to enrich your experience. You will navigate difficult terrain, make important decisions, walk, canoe, scramble and wild camp in different conditions.

Most people in western society are carried by the systems that serve us and make our lives comfortable. This expedition will turn you into a strong, determined and effective practitioner who is able to identify opportunities where others would see none and turn them into great successes.

The skill sets and attitudes that will be learnt on this trip will set you apart from your peers and help you to cope with hardships that may occur in your personal life, your career progression and the work place.

Locations: Scotland, Norway, or wherever we plan it!

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