Carving and Woodcraft courses

Carving and Woodcraft courses

Duration: 1 Day

New skills and personal wellbeing go hand in hand. Learning something new can give a huge boost to your moral, put a positive change in your routine, create a new hobby, and even turn into a business. All of this can help improve mental health, self confidence, personal satisfaction and much more.

Join us for a lovely day in a beautiful woodland, or at your own preferred location, learning to carve a spoon: much like the one’s found on King Henry VIII’s sunken flagship the Mary Rose. We can also help you to craft spatulas and other utensils. On longer courses you can even try your hand at a traditional Kuksa, from Finland, perfect for soup or a hot chocolate around the fire.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced woodworkers and some also sell their work privately. They are offering their expertise to teach you how to safely use an axe and a knife to create something unique to take home with you. We have had executives of large firms and students alike engrossed for hours making something useful and beautiful.

Once you’ve mastered the basics we can help you to progress onto making a wide range of other items, such as bowls, Viking chairs and even a bow. There are a whole host of other tools that can be mastered to help you with your carving projects..

Course Content

  • Discover which trees and types of wood are useful for different tools and craft items
  • The properties of the different wood that can be used for carving
  • Knife safety training and the law
  • How to use a knife to make basic cuts needed in a survival situation
  • Carve a spoon, a spatula and other useful items
Take your team, family or students out for a wonderful time creating something fantastic!

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