Bushcraft Day & Weekend courses

Bushcraft Day & Weekend courses

Duration: 1-2 Day

Visit one of our beautiful woodland sites and take part in one of our scheduled bushcraft days, or we can come to you and design something bespoke. Our highly skilled teachers and instructors tailor your session to meet your personal goals, delivering with fun and enthusiasm.

Day and weekend sessions can include:

  • Fire craft: light, sustain and use fire wisely in a range of wilderness scenarios and for cooking foraged food.
  • Shelter and camp craft: learn to build a shelter that will keep you safe and warm in the worst of conditions. Ropes, knots, tarps or natural resources all offer a home from home.
  • Carving and woodland tools: learn to safely create useful objects and discover the clever tools of our ancestors.
  • Fauna and flora ID: discover plants and animals, their habitats, uses for food and medicine, impact on society, countryside management and folklore.
  • Animal tracking: examine animal behaviour, tracks and signs, their importance for sustainable ecosystems, and their role in the lifestyles of people throughout the ages.
  • Search and rescue: establish survival priorities, learn to lead others, solve problems to save lives and survive in any emergency.
  • Remote first aid: gain the confidence to keep calm and to look after yourself and others anywhere in the world.
  • Navigation techniques: wild navigation, map and compass use, night skills and route planning.
  • Expedition groundwork: bring together planning, preparation, safety and logistics to become confident trail blazers.
We work with a variety of sites and happily chat to landowners to bring our courses and camps onsite to enhance their customers' experiences. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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