Arctic Winter Expedition

Arctic Winter Expedition

Duration: 1 Week

The Arctic is a truly magical place. There is a peace and excitement in the air here that is felt no where else. On this trip you will learn and experience how to survive and thrive in Arctic conditions and develop resilience, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills to the highest of standards. You will learn to build igloos and snow caves, and manage husky dog teams; and if you are lucky, get to see the incredible northern lights!

Course Content

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snow shoeing trips into the peaceful wild backcountry
  • Tracking animals
  • Husky dog sledding
  • Planning and leading expeditions
  • Safely building and sleeping in snow shelter
  • Navigating in white out conditions through dense forests and across tundra-like environments
  • Establishing arctic expedition base camps
  • Conducting search and rescue operations with avalanche beacons
  • Developing arctic first aid skills

“The Arctic expedition is pure magic. The peace and tranquillity combined with ‘out of this world’ views and survival skills really sets this trip apart.”

This course can also include a personal development work book and journal that helps the individual get so much more out of their experience here. Ask our team for details.

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