72 hr bug out bag training

72 hr bug out bag training

Duration: 72 Hours

If you had to leave the house in 30 seconds flat, could you do it and be prepared in body and mind?

The 72 Hour bug out exercise is used for emergency evacuation training, and is suitable for team building, families or just huge fun.

Join us on this unique Survival camp where you will be taught and tested by top survival instructors. Knowledge and skill can make you powerful in any environment and we will teach you what it takes to thrive when all you have is the bag on your back.

Set in the heart of South Downs your journey will take you on a quest to navigate to your place of safety in the woods where you will establish a camp, build a shelter and spend your remaining time learning to survive and adapt to your environment.

Course Content

  • Navigation inc. wild navigation and evasion
  • Fire ignition and firecraft, plus outdoor cooking
  • Stalking and tracking
  • Wild foods, medicines and poisons
  • Emergency man made shelters
  • Natural Shelter building
  • How to use your 72 hour emergency equipment
  • Knife skills and camp craft
  • Bushcraft First Aid
  • Water purification
Prior to this activity you will receive a kit list that you will need to gather before you attend. This kit will make up the entirety of your 72 hour bug out bag. Be better prepared with this insightful and hugely exciting activity.

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