Year 7 Getting to Know You Day

The Year 7 Get to Know You Day is a brilliant start to a new year and help students make new friends. If your secondary school has its own primary school this activity will help those friendship groups integrate the new students who are not familiar with the new school.  During the day the participants […]


Join us for a lovely day in a beautiful woodland, or at your own preferred location, learning to carve a spoon: much like the one’s found on King Henry VIII’s sunken flagship the Mary Rose. We can also help you to craft spatulas and other utensils. On longer courses you can even try your hand […]

Sea Kayak Expedition

Kayak and camp along one of the most beautiful and dramatic coastlines in Europe.

Peru Expedition

Peru is a mystical and magical place steeped in rich culture and sometimes bloody history


Visit one of our beautiful woodland sites and take part in one of our scheduled bushcraft days, or we can come to you and design something bespoke. Our highly skilled teachers and instructors tailor your session to meet your personal goals, delivering with fun and enthusiasm. Day and weekend sessions can include: Fire craft: light, sustain […]